seminar schedule

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Date Location Subject Contact Phone Number
November 14-15 Orange County Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration and Mandatory 2 hours of Ethics and Law Nutri-West Southern CA 800-541-1588
November 19 Naples, FL Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571 Cancelled
November 21-22 Emeryville CA Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration and Mandatory 2 hours of Ethics and Law Nutri West Northern California and Hawaii
November 28-29 Thanksgiving
December 5-6 Seattle, WA Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
December 12-13 Hayward, CA LCCW Campus Whiplash and Spinal Trauma and Mandatory 2 hours of Ethics and Law Life Chiropractic College West 800-788-4476 EXT 4508
Date Location Subject Contact Phone Number
January 9-10 Charleston, WV Longevity Chiropractic-Nutrition-Exercise Nutri West Shenadoah 1-844-688-7493
January 14 Parker Las Vegas The Orthopedic and Neurological Science of the Subluxation and Adjustment Parker Seminars
January 16-17 Chicago IL Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
January 22 San Diego, CA Neurological Basis of Neuroendocrinology Nutri-West Winter Symposium
January 23-24 Roseville, CA Subluxation Neurology and Ethics and Law(mandatory 2 hours) Life Chiropractic College West 510-780-4508
Mary Jo
January 29 Dallas, TX Whiplash and Spinal Trauma MIST Provider Compliance Solutions
January 30-31 Madison, WI Subluxation Neurology Wisconsin Chiropractic Society Amanda
February 5-6 Portland, OR Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration Oregon Chiropractic Association 503-256-1601
February 13-14 Detroit, MI Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
February 20-21 Madison, WI Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration Nutri West Mid West 715-381-9990
February 26 Houston, TX Whiplash and Spinal Trauma MIST Provider Compliance Solutions
February 27-28 Cincinnati, OH Whiplash and Spinal Trauma OSCA
March 5-6 Salt Lake City, UT Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
March 12-13 Columbia, MD Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration Nutri-West Mid Atlantic 866-502-1200
March 18 Orange Brain Health DCS
March 19-20 Palo Alto, CA Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
March 23 San Diego, CA TBA CCA TBA
April 2-3 Asheville, NC NCCA Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration NCCA Convention Heather
April 8 Columbia, MO Innate Factors in Longevity Academy of Missouri Chiropractors
April 9-10 St Louis, MO Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
April 16-17 Houston, TX Longevity Chiropractic-Nutrition-Exercise Nutri West of Texas 214-733-8838
800-247-8791(Texas only)
April 23-24 Laramie, WY Nutrition Basics Wyoming Chiro Association 307-315-2265
April 29-30 Wellington, New Zealand TBA TBA TBA
May 7 Las Vegas, NV Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
May 14-15 Sandia Resort and Casino Albuquerque, NM Longevity Chiropractic-Nutrition-Exercise New Mexico Chiropractic Association 505-280-0689
May 21-22 Verona NY Turning Stone Resort and Casino TBA NYCC 800-426-6922
June 4-5 Phoenix, AZ AAC Convention Healthy Aging TBA TBA
June 11-12 Chicago, IL Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration NutriWest Central 800-383-0537
Pat or Lori
June 17 FCA Boca Raton, FL TBA FCA TBA
June 18-19 Davenport, IA Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
June 24-25 SCCA Convention Myrtle Beach SC 8 hours Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration
4 hours Whiplash and Spinal Trauma
South Carolina Chiropractic Association 803-772-9376
July 9-10 Charlotte NC Healthy Aging Erchonia 888-242-0571
Cleveland, OH